Over the years I have developed and contributed to a number of resources. Some as original content, others co-created and others till more a result of curation.  Regardless of the path to being created the feedback over the years is that each is a useful resources so I want to make them available here as well.


Social Media Audit & Assessment

This resource has been developed for nonprofit organizations that want to better understand social media audits and the main steps involved.  It outlines five basic steps in a social media communications audit. The audit can be applied to an organization overall, or to a specific project or campaign within the organization.

You will find the following resources available in both PDF and Word:

Full Social Media Audit Brief
This document has a full explanation of what the resource is, how it can be used, definition of terms, explanation of various techniques that can be employed, etc.

Working Doc
This is smaller version of the doc intended to be used when actually completing an audit. Much of the explanatory content has been left out to keep it more focused on completing the task.

Beyond Social Media
This document provides a flexible framework for performing anytime of audit and assessment. By simply changing the content being audited this framework could work across a wide range of focus areas.


Social Media Road Map

The Social Media Road Map is a simple guide to developing and implementing a custom social media strategy for your organization. With a useful structure, helpful questions and tons of examples it's designed to give you a practical plan to jump start your social media journey. Working through the Social Media Road Map you'll quickly and easily identify your goals, develop messages that motivate your audience and know how to use your time efficiently.

This is a resource Ash co-authored with Noland Hoshino and Zan McColloch-Lussier.


RFP development resources

Having experienced many RFPs from both sides of the process, I gathered/created a couple resources to help make this process easier for organizations.

Resources include:

  • Website RFP Template
  • RFP Process/Best Practice Report
  • Example of good RFP to receive

NOTE: Using an RFP process is not always the best choice. These resources are intended to support those who it is a good fit for. Not endorse it as a mandatory step in finding a vendor partner.

Free resources in this Dropbox folder

project management tools

Over the years I have created a number of resources related to project management. Each resources was originally created because of challenges I ran into on my own projects. Those that proved helpful I try to share out.

Resources Include:

  • Living Scope Template
  • Simple Project Brief
  • RACI Template

Free resources in this Dropbox folder

onGOING Sharing

My primary focus on Twitter is to connect and share resources related to nonprofit technology in all it various areas. Connect up with me in that space to see what my latest resource finds are.