[B]Cause MediaThis past week Noland Hoshino of [B]Cause media was kind enough to give a presentation on Location-Based Services (LBS) at a PDXTech4Good event.  The presentation covers a good bit of why nonprofits should care about LBS and then gets into some solid examples and tips for a few of the major platforms.

Check out his presentation below.

{slideshare}[slideshare id=7033097&doc=location-basedsocialfornonprofits-110223110601-phpapp02]{/slideshare}

Solid Takeaways

  • The overall stats around LBS use were far higher then I expected. 94% of respondents in the cited study consider these services to be somewhat valuable.
  • How far ahead of other services FourSquare really is 51% of market
  • That Noland is clever. QR code on the closing slide is a brilliant way to take the connection made after the presentation to the next level.

What has been your experience with location based services?  Are there any good examples you would share?

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