Blog House Rules


Every conversation and community, be it online or in-person, needs to have a common understanding of the expectations and norms for what behavior is encouraged and what is not tolerated.  Here are the "norms" for this community.


Building Community

Please use your real name or login in by connecting to one of the various social networks.  This blog is about building community and having conversation with real people helps make that happen. If you use a company name and link to your company website as your "name"  when submitting comments it will be deleted.

I do my best to respond to all comments and maintain the "House Rules".  I am human however so if ever you feel I have made an error please let me know as I am happy to own it when I do and make adjustments.

My policy around using real names is to keep it as close to user defined as possible.  If someone has communicated in a public format (Twitter post, blog post, etc) then I may use their real name in an article or example.  If a user has communicated in a manner that is not 100% public (Facebook profile post, DM, email, etc) I make every effort to respect their choice and blur, change or otherwise protect their privacy.


Yes, I am hoping for discussion and yes that includes opinions that differ from my own.  It is healthy and lively conversation that pushes us all to expand the edges of our own understanding and perspective.

Let me be clear that "discussion" implies comments remain respectful. Any comment meant to deliberately attack, harm or insult will be considered spam.



Links that are relevant to the discussion are encouraged as they help connect others to useful resources. Do to the nasty spammers out there they will have to be moderated though to protect the community expereince. No worries though, if it is good it is golden and will make it through in a timely fashion.



Comments considered spam will be deleted with no effort made to contact the individual who submitted it.  You know who you are.



I am always open to feedbak, not just on the blog post but the overall feel of community or ways you think it can be improved.  If you ever have feedback please share it with me.